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Connecting Conversations


My project "Connecting Conversations”

is based on raising awareness about colourism in order to instigate change.

I believe that talking about the harmful effects of colourism is a way of breaking the toxic cycle.


I used autoethnography and interviews as research methods. I then transcribed an interview I had with two other interviewees, and visually communicated the conversation using data visualisation.

The data I collected were a combination of quantative data, such as the number of words spoken, and qualitative data, such as how vulnerable I felt on a scale of 1-10.  

I then coded and transformed the data into symbols inspired by the shapes found in microscopic images of skin cells and used the circle as a recurring visual motif throughout the project.

My project became an enlightening experience of healing and learning.

This outcome communicates a plethora of thoughts, feelings and knowledge about colourism that I deem as important and powerful. 


"Take Note"
by Crayola

In 2019, I was involved in a Crayola advert for their Instagram page to promote their collection “Crayola Take Note”. The aim for this advert was to promote different pens, effectively showing a pen in use.


My task was to draw on a trainer, using their marker pen, and illustrate a pattern I designed which visually evokes the feelings of flow and movement. 

Word as Image 


My dissertation for my BA (Hons) Illustration degree focused on “Word as Image”. I created visual mnemonic cards to help children with dyslexia remember the order of spelling within words, by turning the noun/verb into a picture and visually represented the meaning. I used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create them. 

As a person who does not have dyslexia, I interviewed students with dyslexia from the University in order to understand the language processing disorder. My work was heavily inspired by

expressive typography such as Futurist and Dadaist typography. I studied semiotics for the purpose of understanding the relationship between word and image to help create my final outcomes.

"Futuristic Food" - BA (Hons) Illustration

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