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My role as a Graphic Design Intern for thesocialtalks required me to collaborate with content creators to produce suitable posters to promote their news articles. We had to work closely together and work out a timely schedule, so that the content and poster were posted on social media at the same time.


This gave me an insight into creating a social media presence, because posting content at a consistent time everyday helps to increase engagement.  To create the posters, I had to follow the specific guidelines of the brand's design and layout to maintain a consistent brand voice and increase brand identity and brand awareness. I used Photoshop to create these. I also used After Effects to create reels for their Instagram page about their upcoming articles. 


The Peel Project


In 2022, I worked with the non-profit organisation the Peel Project to design posters to promote their slogans for their Instagram page, using Adobe Illustrator. The Project's aim is to bring together the multicultural society of Hull by organising events and sports activities for young people. This inspired me to create bold and playful posters to attract the younger generation.

Islam Foods

I designed a poster for Islam Foods in Hull to promote their products for Hull's catalogue of local companies (2024).  The grid composition is inspired by the baskets and trays of fresh vegetables found at the store entrance.

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